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I follow politics pretty closely—I’m a mainstream Democrat—but I rarely write about it because it can be so divisive.

But I just want to dip with a prediction, with regards to the unfolding craziness in the House of Representatives. (If you’re not aware, the Republicans sacked their own Speaker, and have been unable to agree on a replacement.)

I actually do think that a small group of Republicans will break away and join the Democrats for some sort of power-sharing deal.

I think this will happen because it has to happen: in short order, there will have to be a functioning House in order to keep the government open, as well as provide aid to Israel and Ukraine.

But also, it’s fundamentally it’s both what everybody needs and what everybody wants.

We need a functioning government.

But also, there are enough hard-right Republican congressmen who do not want to have their fingerprints on anything that could be construed as cooperation with Democrats.

The only way they can maintain their purity is if they can say “no” to everything. So if they have a handful of Republican “traitors” they can blame for ruining their movement, it’s perfect for them.

They want to be in the minority because it’s simpler and easier...and they can raise more money from their base. Everybody “wins.”

We’ll see.

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