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007 Xmas Surprise

Twenty years ago—wow, it’s been a while—I was lucky to put together several expanded James Bond soundtrack reissues for EMI and MGM.

It was a dream project for me, though it was done very hastily.

Since then, I am occasionally asked when more James Bond CDs might come out. And the honest answer has been that I don’t know...and I have nothing more to do with it.

Finally, that has changed: La-La Land has announced new expanded editions of Live and Let Die by George Martin (my favorite of the non-Barry Bond scores) and Octopussy by John Barry.

Here’s a fun video they made:

Live and Let Die is from the same multitrack masters we used in 2003, but now presented as a 2CD set (which is what I would have liked to have done, but couldn’t). There are a few extra alternates that I remember we had, but lacked room to include.

Octopussy is something that I didn’t have at all, so this is super exciting!

Will more Bond CDs be forthcoming? I certainly hope so. I don’t have any further info—but even if I did, I don’t blab about labels’ plans.

Congrats on getting these two out in time for their respective anniversaries!

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