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Amazon Punks Us

I’m sure we’ve all seen or heard of Amazon’s last-minute Christmas “present”: ADS!

They are coming to Prime on January 29th, unless you pay the ransom of $2.99 a month to be spared the irritating pitches from Lily from AT&T, the Geico Gekko, the perky Toyota lady and all their tiresome siblings.

Well, it is what it is: an opportunity to make money from a captive audience—us!

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1 Comment

Robert Knaus
Robert Knaus
Dec 28, 2023

It'd be worth the extra money if they just gave us the option to turn off the goddamn "also on Prime!" or "Next episode!" pop-ups in the end credits of movies and shows. THE worst thing about the streaming "revolution", bar none. Imagine on-screen text during the end credits of an emotionally-draining movie in a theater reminding you of all of the concession stand and gift card options available before you leave.

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