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Andor 1975

I am so excited for the Andor season finale this Wednesday (although sad in that it will be some time before season two).

In the meantime, here is a reimagining by “Auralnauts” of Andor as a 1975 TV series.

I have to say, this would be the best 1975 TV show of all time! And actually 1975 seems to be dating this a few years too early—I don’t think TV themes were so synthy until post-Midnight Express, at least.

It hits home for me because I spent so much time watching exactly this kind of late 1970s, early 1980s title sequence. For some reason, every single sci-fi show looked like this!

The shows were inevitably disappointing—none more so than the short-lived Otherworld—but the title sequences and their pulsating music themes always promised so much excitement and imagination to a pre-teen sci-fi fan.

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