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Announcing Pop Culture Coffee

Good morning! The happy day has arrived when I can announce a new venture I have become involved with: POP CULTURE COFFEE.

This is premium coffee branded with some of our favorite characters and franchises. Today we announced our Star Trek line, which comes on the heels of our Ghostbusters line (announced last week to coordinate with the new Frozen Empire movie).

For all of you, who have been so generous to support me for decades and follow my activities, please use the coupon code FSM10 for 10% off.

Please note: These are preorders! We expect to have stock to ship around May 1st.

Coming in a few weeks to a month—I’m not sure if I can blab or not, but let’s take a chance: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle coffee!

I’m happy to do this with company founder Ethan Terra, as well as our partner Kyle Newman (Fanboys), a filmmaker I’ve long admired. And our publicist and consultant is my old friend Dan Madsen, who ran the official Star Trek and Star Wars fan clubs when I was a kid. I like to tell Dan, I bought a baseball shirt from you in 1984!

And our art director is none other than Jim Titus, who has been doing some of La-La Land’s most beautiful packages for over 15 years.

Jim has created some truly gorgeous packaging that you’ll be proud to marvel at—and the coffee is high-end, 100% organic Arabica ground.

We could really use your help to like and follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. They are in their infancy and without organic followers, it’s an incredibly uphill battle to get the word out. You can also sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of the home page.

Please like, share—and drink great coffee in beautiful packaging!

Thank you! #fuelyourpassion!

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If you had announced this yesterday, I would've sworn it was an April Fools joke! You're doing this and Martin Grams is opening a coffee shop. Small world.

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It's real!

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