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Calling the Hive Mind About DVDs

The above white boxes contain DVDs from the Tim Knapp collection—probably 1,500 to 2,000 in all. I am trying to help the estate find the best outlet for these.

Thank you to everybody who has bought from the CD collection...and now I am wondering if anybody has any interest in the DVDs?

Tim had a huge collection of DVDs—but only a handful of Blu-rays. And while there are some cool box sets, mostly it’s what you’d call “common titles.” He just really loved movies and bought a ton of them on disc.

We’re just not set up to list and sell the DVDs individually. He also had a really impressive book collection, which are, most likely, all going to Book Alley in Pasadena. (There are a handful of additional film music related books which we will add to our store listings.)

So the DVDs are likely going to go to one of the online places like that offer pennies on the dollar. I understand Amoeba barely takes DVDs nowadays.

If there is anybody in the greater Los Angeles area who collects these things and might be interested in the entire collection, lock, stock and barrel, please reach out?

Or if you have any good advice, I would love to hear it. Thank you!

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