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Catching Up

I’ve been so immersed in our CD sale from Brent Armstrong’s collection that I haven’t planned anything for this blog...not that I was really planning the posts, in any case.

Above is all we have left from Brent’s CDs. We started with 4,500, and now have fewer than 500. Thank you all!

And especially, thank you for your patience. We had hoped to have all remaining orders shipped a few days ago but our shipping manager has been out sick. The last several parcels will go out today or Monday at the latest.

One of the nice things about doing the sale—and processing all the orders manually—is that I got to hear from a lot of old friends: longtime FSM subscribers and supporters.

I used to manage the FSM subscription list personally so I got to know many of the names and even the addresses of so many of you. It was nice to hear from everybody and exchange greetings; I’m sorry I didn’t have time to correspond at greater length.

One thing I made a note to pass on came from Sam Scali, who wrote me:


Apologies if you are already aware of it, but I just discovered a weekly BBC radio show called Sound of Cinema that is devoted to film music. Each 1-hour episode spotlights a variety of works by a wide range of composers, along with insightful commentary by the host. There are currently 301 episodes available to stream..!


That’s it. Have a good weekend!

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