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CD Sale Day 4—Sign Up for My Mailing List

Our CD sale is going well, the new site is working:

Please sign up for my mailing list! I have started (or restarted) one to let people know about upcoming sales: please sign up today if you did not already get a message from me yesterday. (Or even if you did, don’t worry as it weeds out duplicates.)

There are some administrative things we’re working out with the new site—namely how to combine orders and refund people their shipping if the total bumps up to free shipping (for U.S. customers over $50). We will reach out to take care of these things individually, don’t worry!

The daughter of the late collector, Tim Knapp, whose CDs we are selling has been following the sale and is really thrilled that her dad’s stuff is finding good homes. It was breaking her heart to think of her father’s cherished albums ending up on a warehouse floor at Goodwill. Thank you, everybody! We will tell you more about Tim next week.

I will also try to get posted an updated spreadsheet of the remaining stock, for people who find it easier to browse a spreadsheet and then place their orders at the site.

Finally, next week we will be sending out email blasts to some really big mailing lists, which will unleash a “feeding frenzy.” I didn’t do that this week because I wanted to make sure the site was working first. I am still terrified it might crash from the traffic.

But this has had the good result of allowing our most loyal followers first crack at the hot titles.

If there’s more you were thinking of picking up, you might want to do it over the weekend, because I don’t know how busy next week might get.

Thank you so much for your support, and your patience as we sorted out some bugs.

That’s Jon Davison, the producer of Starship Troopers, by the way! I remember meeting him at the scoring sessions.

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"a warehouse floor at Goodwill"? Heaven forbid!

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