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CD Sale Day One Report

Thanks to everybody who bought CDs from my personal collection! We went live yesterday and had a big day.

There’s still tons of great stuff, so check out the list and email me your requests! Please see yesterday’s column for all the instructions.

I have to say it was sort of an overwhelming experience to start, but I figured out a workflow and got into the hang of it.

I appreciate how easy and direct the vast majority of people were to deal with. Thanks!

For anybody who’s done this before, you’ll probably agree, the biggest headache is when people back out of their sales.

It’s not that you’re losing out on the sale, but that you have to then go back to the other people who wanted the same thing, but you had to turn them down because of the first order. It becomes very complicated and unwieldy.

So I appreciate that things happen and people need to amend or cancel orders...but yeah, you’re always flinching in fear that that might happen.

Thanks and keep ordering!

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