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CD Sale Day Two

We had a huge CD sale day yesterday at, thank you to everybody who participated! We will start shipping tomorrow (Friday).

A lot of the “hot” titles went fast, but we still have some rare discs, like a copy of The Island at the Top of the World by Maurice Jarre on Intrada. Here is a spreadsheet of the available titles, which I know can be easier to browse.

About the spreadsheet: I’ve listed our remaining DVD inventory first. We still have some 380 DVDs, many for only a buck. I had made a deal to sell these off as a lot, but the buyer reneged—agh! So I had to unbox them, restore the listings to the site—it was a drag. If you’re interested in buying these in bulk (even if only 10 or so), please write me and we’ll give you cuckoo discounts. I must clear the space for more CDs!

Otherwise in the Google spreadsheet, after the DVDs are the remaining new CDs from yesterday, and then the rest of the CD inventory.

The sale went so well yesterday that a lot of you probably noticed the site slowed to a crawl between 10-11am Pacific time. I can’t tell you how horrendous a feeling it is to have that happen, and to know it’s upsetting customers and probably driving some away.

All I can do is try to make a deal with the web hosting company for the next sale where they give us some more memory for launch time—but it’s not always so simple.

Not only did the sale go very smoothly yesterday (after the initial memory issues), but I’ve been so lucky to get the nice email here and there. I am old school when it comes to customer service. It’s a privilege to be able to run a business and have recurring customers. I don’t mean to sound corny. I take it very seriously. So thank you all for patronizing our store. More updates tomorrow!

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Thanks as always for making this possible. Iam glad to be a 'patron' here. Look forward to more goodies !

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