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CDs in Stock Part 5

Contining our tour through the alphabet of cool CDs we have in stock at

Jagged Edge: We have two copies of the Encore edition that Varèse did of this 1985 John Barry score, where they thankfully split apart the suites of the first edition into individual tracks. This is one of the harder to find Barry scores, it’s $65. It’s all electronic and not an experiment Barry would repeat, but remarkable how his voice always shines through.

Jane Eyre: We have one copy of the John Williams 1971 album on Silva Screen, $20. (It’s since been issued by Quartet, that one with bonus tracks.) And we also have a copy of the 2011 feature score by Dario Marinelli which is one of the handful of scores of recent vintage that I really liked and sought out—beautiful solo violin and orchestra. That one is $12.

Jean-Michel Bernard Plays Lalo Schifrin: This is a pretty nifty album of Schifrin covers by Jean-Michel Bernard and band. Cool tunes in new renditions! $12

Jeremiah Johnson: This early 1970s Americana western score became one of our best-selling FSM CDs and I’m still contacted by people seeking out a copy. We have one for $35.

Jerry Fielding Film Music: We have a copy of Jerry Fielding 2 (the green one, $18) and Jerry Fielding 3 (the red one, $15). These were a big deal for fans when Bay Cities released them. Most of the scores have since been released in complete form with better sound but I will always remain partial to these albums and their loving liner notes by Nick Redman. These are not my personal copies for sale and I don’t think I would ever sell those.

John Wayne at Fox: I didn’t even notice this 2CD set when Kritzerland released it. Pretty sure it contains our FSM masters for The Comancheros and The Undefeated (a Hugo Montenegro score with some lovely stuff) along with North to Alaska. We have one copy for $35.

Judge Dredd: We have one copy of the expanded Silvestri 2CD set from Intrada. This is one of those pricey Intrada Special Collection releases. Ours is $65. On eBay, there’s one now for $82 and another for $129. I remember seeing this film in a theater in 1995 and thinking, what a piece of crap! Great Silvestri theme though. And cool Jerry Goldsmith trailer score, which is on the CD, from when Jerry was going to score it (but had a scheduling conflict).

Jules et Jim/La Cloche Thibétaine: We have one copy of the Prometheus/Delerue CD for only $3. Jules and Jim is one of the all-time cinematic marvels. I have fond memories of it from a French new wave film class I took in college.

Karate Kid: We have one copy of the La-La Land release of the first and third film, each is $18.

Karol: Un Papa Rimasto Uomo ($45) and Karol: Un Uomo Diventato Papa ($18): I have no idea what these Morricone projects are. But when I researched them, they seemed rare.

Khartoum/Mosquito Squadron: An FSM two-fer we did of Frank Cordell scores, only $10. Big and symphonic!

King Kong (1976): We have one copy of the first FSM release, of the album tracks only, from this John Barry score, for $10. We had the expanded 2CD set, but it sold!

King of Kings: We have one copy of the OST release from Rhino/Turner, the 2CD of this Miklós Rózsa biblical classic, for $35.

The Knack...And How to Get it: We have one copy of the Rykodisc release of the John Barry score from the swinging sixties, which sounds great (there was a 1/2'' master) although sadly it was one of their early releases when they were including the stupid dialogue tracks, oy! $10

Krull: We have one copy of the first La-La Land release of this James Horner classic from 1983. This usually sells fast! $45.

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The two Karol Morricone CDs were for a 2005 TV movie about pope John Paul II. And they are really great later Morricone scores.

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I should have mentioned with some strong choral music.


Andy Raab
Andy Raab
May 06

Lukas, your sales are great, well-managed, and I hope you keep doing them. One cool thing about your updates (which is a great strategy that is working to move them) is you bring awareness to scores I never considered. Simply because they might be by a lesser known composer, or had their minute of fame long ago in our “hot potato” low attention span community. I never considered Jeremiah Johnson, and now it’s in my radar. I would love to see future blog posts about some of the underrated FSM titles you released, even if not connected to a sale. Sometimes you need to lead us horses to the water.

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Well good, thank you! I am happy to reminisce about so many albums I love!


"Judge Dredd" is infinitely better than another comic-book movie with Diane Lane - "Man Of Steel".

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