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End of the WGA Strike

I’ve been so immersed in our CD estate sale project that I haven’t had much time to note current events.

The war in Israel is so hideous and depressing I can’t even find the words.

On the positive side, the writers’ strike is over, and the new deal is really good. Hopefully the actors’ strike will resolve in the next few weeks.

On the downside, I suspect that the industry has undergone such contraction (and is still in the middle of it) that many writers are going to find there simply isn’t work. I would include myself in this but I wasn’t really working in the first place!

Also...the amount of bottom-feeders and marginal gatekeepers who have taken to providing “writing services” is just sad.

There was one literary manager who spent the strike trolling the Facebook screenwriting groups selling his services for hundreds of dollars. He didn’t even offer written notes, but phone calls with feedback about your script.

How successful can he be if he has to resort to this to stay afloat?

Please don’t spend money on any of these people!

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