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Goldsmith Tribute CD Sticker

We are processing thousands of CDs for our upcoming sale. We have two copies of the 1993 Society for the Preservation of Film Music Tribute to Jerry Goldsmith CD.

Wait! I’m not trying to sell them. (I’m sure when we list them, they will go.)

What’s interesting is that one does not have the gold sticker on it—which, it turns out, was to cover up the 20th Century Fox Film Scores logo. Three of the scores on the collection—The Flim-Flam Man, Take a Hard Ride and Magic—are Fox, but the fourth (Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend) is Disney.

Mystery solved!

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I love this once rarest of cds ever, kept mine. Excellent suites for excellent scores and different mixes I believe in some cases? There was a perfect boot recreation, FYI. Even down to the Matrix number, if I recall, it was totally 🤣🤣 hard to spot them!


Neil Bulk
Neil Bulk
Jun 13

Well they're all Disney now.

Replying to

Haha! true

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