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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, everybody!

The above pic is from a few years ago. The kids are going as Cinderella and Hermione Granger this year. I’ll wear the same cheap Captain Kirk jersey I’ve had for some 20 years, although I forgot to grow my sideburns out this year to shave them into the Star Trek point.

When I was a kid, we lived down a dirt road out in the woods of West Tisbury—no foot traffic there. So to trick or treat we drove into Vineyard Haven where I have fond memories of collecting candy with my younger brother, Tyler. We would also use the occasion to visit the two houses we lived at the first few years after we moved to Martha’s Vineyard.

I feel very lucky today to live in a nice suburb of Los Angeles with walkable areas and the classic Americana Halloween experience. We just walk out of our house, over one block, and it’s a pretty bustling street, and we run into our neighbors and the kids’ friends from school. Last year Halloween was canceled by the pandemic, but we still walked around to look at some of the decorations.

I’m told one of the houses nearby belongs to a science fiction writer, Leonard Mlodinow, who was briefly a staff writer on the second season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. (A neighbor mentioned it when he saw my Star Trek costume.) I can tell him that I actually liked “The Dauphin” when I saw it back in the day!

Enjoy, everybody!

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