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MacGyver Origin Story

I used to watch MacGyver in the 1980s, as did a lot of us. The star was likable and it was fun watching him make all those gadgets out of nothing.

I often watch a few minutes of whatever Star Trek rerun is on the Heroes & Icons cable channel late at night, which means the next day the TV is still tuned to that channel (using the terms “tuned” and “channel” for nostalgia).

So upon turning on the TV, there’s usually some terrible Chuck Norris show to click away from—but yesterday it was the MacGyver pilot, so I watched a bit to see if I remembered it. Some of it, I did! (Amusingly, at one point—can’t find a picture—they go through the Enterprise’s torpedo room, redressed as a science lab from Star Trek II and III; MacGyver was a Paramount show.)

This made me wonder, who came up with this show anyway?

It was a writer named Lee David Zlotoff, and he wrote a lengthy explanation of the wacky and probably unrepeatable way the show was created. It’s worth a read.

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