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Happy Halloween 2023

There are so many scary things in the world right now—at least we can enjoy a little fun with Halloween.

I always loved treat or treating (in Vineyard Haven) as a kid (“Trick or Treat for UNICEF!”), and now I love going out with the kids in our neighborhood in the L.A. suburbs.

There is a hugely popular street not far from us—as you get closer and closer, it’s like you’re in Blade Runner, with the freak show in the autumn night.

Also let’s hear it for my all-tine favorite version of “Linus and Lucy,” with the flute accompaniment for “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”:

Stay safe, everybody!

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1 Comment

John Walsh
John Walsh
Nov 04, 2023

The music to Snoopy's "flying ace" fantasy is outstanding, like some of Mancini's music for Peter Gunn. Using the flute to create a mysterious atmosphere needs to make a comeback, to drown out the Wailing Woman.

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