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Pop Culture Coffee Update

I promise to finish the alphabet of cool CDs we have in stock!

I was working so hard last week that my wrist got so sore and I’m temporarily using the mouse with my left hand. I’m fine, but let me give it the weekend to heal all the way. Those CD round-ups have lots of links and take a while to do (but they’re fun and worth it).

So I mentioned a month ago that I’m a partner in a coffee company: Pop Culture Coffee. We’ve launched our Star Trek and Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire flavored coffees, and we’re soon to drop Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

This is all a fun and challenging experience to launch a new company, do it with new partners, and get involved in a new area of fandom.

Please check out our updated website and, if you think you might be interested, could you please sign up for our newsletter? (Link at the bottom of the homepage.)

Just a heads up that, so far, our products are only licensed for the U.S. We hope to change that soon.


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