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Happy Thanksgiving!

Above: Raking leaves at my mom’s house, probably late 1980s.

Always was a fan of Thanksgiving. Fun holiday! I hope you enjoy yours.

It is a depressing world, to be sure, but there is always a ton to be thankful for...and generally, having gratitude puts you in a good mood.

However, showbiz friends, remember this: whenever anybody uses the words “gratitude” or “loyalty”—they’re the ones who will assassinate you!

A piece of housekeeping, on account of the fact that I just realized it...

Apparently this blog is sending an email blast of each daily column to people who “signed up for it.” Holy crap, have I been spamming people? I am mortified.

How folks signed up for this email list, I am not sure, because I don’t have a “sign-up” field anywhere on the site. But I suspect that people who have registered with wix in order to post a comment have somehow been added.

So...I will look into this. The whole point of this blog was to have a low-stress way of communicating whatever I felt like, and on the days I don’t feel like doing much, I just put a link to an article or video that I find interesting.

I think it’s easy enough to unsubscribe, but I am sorry if anybody took the time to post a comment and then found themselves with more email crap every day!

Is that what happened? Feel free to post a comment if that happened to you—I mean, you’re already on the list...aren’t you?

Thanks for all your help, and enduring patience. I’ll try to think of some entertaining columns in the weeks ahead!

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caul harry
caul harry
Nov 24, 2022

Ditto, I like the email and always find my way here via them, no sweat. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving LK.


John Schuermann
John Schuermann
Nov 24, 2022

I just get a notice that you have a new post up. Don't sweat it - I enjoy getting them.

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