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I Love Watching Curling

I want to write my least-viewed post ever—and with your help, I will!

During the 2018 Winter Olympics I started watching curling and oh my God, it’s so relaxing.

I’ve always enjoyed anticipating how things will...bounce, I guess?

It’s the appeal of Breakout, Candy Crush, Bubbleshooter, hitting a tennis ball against the house...billiards? Sure.

Is it a boy thing, hitting things into one another? Maybe?

I just find it so soothing. Our kids were like, “Why are you watching this?” I tried to explain the rules, which I think I even understand now, and they sort of shrugged and walked away.

I so enjoyed the last three weeks of watching the 2022 games. I don’t even remember who won or what happened, I was just so happy to have it on TV.

Back to serious business tomorrow—meaning whatever 1980s franchise I can trash.

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