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Impending Writers’ Strike

It seems way more likely than not that the WGA will go on strike May 1st. I’m not the best person to explain why, but there are a ton of articles you can find.

Basically, the studios and producers use any opportunity to screw labor—the past decade has offered a ton of them, with the transition to streaming—and labor is now fighting back.

Streaming residuals (or lack of them) are a huge part of it. Also a long list of legitimate grievances.

I like how the writers’ arguments are always well written—haha.

It seems like only yesterday that the writers went on strike, but it was actually some 15 years ago—wow.

I am not a WGA member, but of course I would love to be. I was an associate member for a year or two a while back, after an option of a pilot I cowrote.

And of course, I would never cross the line and be a scab.

One thing is for sure—it is harder and harder to break into this crazy business!

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