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Is It 1969 Again?

The Fall Guy—still performing decently in theaters—is being released to digital tomorrow.

This is a movie that did good business, although not as much as the studio wanted.

It has made me wonder if, in a small way, we are in 1969 again. Back then, the failure of reliable blockbusters nearly bankrupted studios, while counterculture indies (most famously Easy Rider) became massive hits.

Everything is way too corporate for that to happen now—but we’re clearly in a new era where the old reliable franchises, stars, directors and genres aren’t captivating audiences the way they used to.

It’s a classic case of diminishing returns: the reason why the second candy bar never tastes as good as the first.

The next big hits will be to a certain extent unforeseeable, and offer something that is novel and different—whether it’s emotionally, or stylistically, or tonally...anything to shake things up and give people an experience they haven’t had before.

We’ll see!

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Studios REALLY need to bring back the minimum three-month window between a movie's debut in theaters and being available on home media/streaming/VOD. It's killing any desire to see anything but stuff audiences are already familiar with ("Why bother, it'll be on VOD in two weeks...!").

Replying to

The fine print below this old newspaper ad for Raiders Of The Lost Ark is the attitude we need to get back to. Make movies a theatrical EVENT you have to leave the house for, and make those who won't wait...and wait...and wait...


I get what you're saying, and I don't disagree, but is The Fall Guy really an old reliable franchise? Other than fans of Lee Majors and Heather Thomas, and OK Doug Barr (all 3 of them), does this ahow still have a large enough fan base to support high budget releases? The answer seems to be no. I mean, the series isn't even out on DVD except for the first two seasons which have been out of print for years. It's a Fox television show so it's owned by Disney so it's not like it's coming out anytime soon. You can find it on streaming here and there, but it's off the radar.

Having said that, a lot of TV…

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