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John Le Carré Documentary

I haven’t read any John Le Carré books but I love the film and TV adaptations. Unfortunately I am not kidding. I just don’t read that much. DUUHHHHHH.

Errol Morris has made a documentary about Le Carré—real name, David Cornwell—and per this Slate article, it’s super interesting.

Cut to the chase: his lifelong fascination with spies and deception was basically something he lived in real life—to have a ton of affairs.

Well, it’s not a good thing—but it makes sense!

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1 Comment

Popa Razzie71
Popa Razzie71
Oct 20, 2023

I rember borne miniseries on tv before the films came out and saw The Russia House for what else and liked it at the time that was one of my first Jerry dramas in the theater

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