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Knight Rider Score Page

Here’s a piece of history for you: the first page of the famous Knight Rider theme by Stu Phillips and Glen A. Larson (but really, the bulk of the composing and orchestrating by Stu).

Stu provided this when we did our Knight Rider CD in 2005; we used it inside the booklet, albeit very small.

Here’s the first page of spotting notes from the pilot (the list of cues, their times, and where they start):

Our CD is long out of print, but not to worry, there’s a 2CD set (twice the music!) available from Varèse Sarabande.

I loved this cheesy show when I was a kid. I’ve checked out reruns as an adult and can’t say it really holds my attention.

The CD was one of our more memorable productions, and I enjoyed working with Stu. I remember we had an audio session at Private Island Trax in Hollywood and he was there that morning, ready to go—he said musicians are trained to always be there right on time!

I also remember being at a Red Sox game a few years afterwards with my dad, and the sound system played the Knight Rider theme (during a pitching change or whatever) and I turned to my dad, “I think that’s our new mix.”

Basically, whenever you hear the Knight Rider theme in stereo—it’s our CD mix.

It was also a thrill to hear it turn up in a Mr. Robot episode, after a character talks about how cool it is:

That theme’s got legs!

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