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La-La Land Lawsuit

No, not La-La Land Records! La La Land, the movie.

Or specifically, the composer of the songs and score, Justin Hurwitz, has filed a lawsuit against his former agency, WME, over the concert tour adapted from the film.

I don’t understand the details well enough to summarize them. See the latest Deadline update here.

I just want to say, broadly speaking, the longer I’ve been in and around the film business, the more cynical I’ve become about talent representatives.

They are, of course, absolutely essential to the industry. And it’s probably not good for my career (such as it is) to go on record categorically criticizing them.

There are lots and lots of good, hardworking agents and managers. I wish I had some on my side!

But I think amateurs tend to have rose-colored glasses about, you know, “These folks work for you, and have a fiduciary responsibility to look out for your best interest.”

I have heard so many horror stories where it was all too obvious that the agent and agency was looking out for their bottom line—and to hell with the client.

Ultimately, it’s not that the client works for the agent or the agent works for the client—it’s a partnership.

But when it comes to money, there is all sorts of potential for abuse in that the agent/manager can manipulate a situation to make more money for the company—and less for the client.

Happens all the time, sorry to say.

“Follow the money!”

And remember, Deep Throat never actually said that. Bill Goldman, the screenwriter, wrote that for the movie Deep Throat (Hal Holbrook) to say in All the President’s Men.

Talk about having an impact on the culture!

“The truth is, these are not very bright guys, and things got out of hand.” The world today!

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