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Walking Distance

The H&I network which usually give me my nightly Star Trek fix is doing a Twilight Zone marathon over the Fourth of July. Last night I checked it out and could not help but rewatch “Walking Distance.”

What an absolute jewel—a mini-masterpiece. Peak Rod Serling and a heartbreaking score by the one and only Bernard Herrmann.

It’s the rare thing that is so perfect and indelible I would not want to rewatch it too often. But it’s been a long time, so I’m glad I saw it last night.

I’m not trying to get an “amen” from the nice folks reading this blog although it’s surely in our wheelhouse.

Fortunately there are multiple recordings of this exquisite score, and here’s an interesting analysis online.

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3 commentaires

Gary O'Donnell
Gary O'Donnell
2 days ago

Absolutely perfect in every way....

The Gig on form....always think of Ollie Reed's line to when they net Gig in The Shuttered Room (what an atmospheric film)...."that's some kinda fancy imported fightin' aint it? Here's some that's home grown...." or something like that...

And the music.....just nothing to be said. Stunning...


caul harry
caul harry
6 days ago

Beautiful episode of my favorite tele-series, also blown out HERRMANN could write such classic music for ostensibly a throw away 23mins. of television. I've gone on 'walking tours' of my old neighborhoods and this is always included, right along Ennio's Cinema Paradiso.....


Have you noticed how good the show looks? Almost like it was remastered. In years past, it was showing its age and lacking contrast but the July 4th episodes of which I probably saw 20 of them, looked amazing! "Walking Distance" is very, very hard for me to watch it always brings me to tears. Aside from the superb score, the story is so relatable and so heart felt. I am tearing up just thinking about it now!

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