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My Appearance on Trek Untold

Many thanks to Matthew Kaplowitz of Trek Untold who had me on his podcast. You can watch the video version at YouTube:

I want to make clear—I didn’t ask for this! I wrote him a fan letter to say I enjoyed his channel and he invited me on.

We recorded this last September and apparently it went live several months ago, but I didn’t notice.

I tell the same war stories you’ve heard before about Star Trek music and my own background. You’ve been warned!

In all seriousness, I like Matthew’s self-effacing interview style and his channel has a ton of interviews with people who are way more consequential than I am.

I do have to say I am honored to be sandwiched between Gates McFadden, Dr. Crusher herself, and the one and only Daniel Davis (Moriarty):

So go and be my view #183 today! Thanks!

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