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My CD Sale Continues!

A few people have written to ask if I’m still selling CDs from my personal collection.


We had a very busy couple of weeks when the sale started in January—so much so that I wanted to take a break, so I haven’t really advertised for the past week or two.

But as of this morning (Tuesday, 2/21/23) there are 811 items left—a little under 50% of what we started with.

Ordering instructions:

1) Send me an email with what you want:

2) I’ll confirm availability and total with postage.

3) You PayPal or Venmo me the money. (If you don’t have either of these, or they’re not legal in your country, we’ll work it out somehow.)

4) I’ll send the items (via my pals at Creature Features). Easy!

Postage info:

For U.S.A. customers ONLY—if you order $50 or more, SHIPPING IS FREE!

USA, orders under $50: $6.40 for the first CD (album) and $2.00 for each additional.

CANADA: $10.00 for the first CD (album) and $2.50 for each additional.

ALL OTHER COUNTRIES: $13.00 for first CD (album) and $3.00 for each additional.

For bulky, oversize, non-standard items—and/or very large orders—we’ll work out a custom shipping price.

I look forward to hearing from you. There’s still, I think, a really cool combination of ultra-rare collectibles (at lower prices than you’ll find on eBay) and vintage titles, super cheap.

Thank you!

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