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My Most–Played Music Tracks

Would you folks like to see the list of my most-played music tracks in Apple music (formerly iTunes)? I don’t subscribe to their service, my library consists mostly of CDs I ripped and some tracks I bought by download.

It’s probably not what you think from Mr. Film Score Monthly Nerd!

The top–played tracks are almost all things that I discovered listening in the car to KCRW’s music programming (pre-pandemic, when I would periodically drive somewhere).

If I heard a song I really liked, I’d buy it by download when I got home, and put it in its own folder—and when I was feeling like something not movie related, I’d go into that folder and play my favorite stuff.

Consequently, because I have thousands of film music CDs but only a few hundred of these songs, the songs would rise to the top of my most-played list. (I have, at the moment, over 158K tracks. That’s from many years of being on labels’ comp lists, courtesy FSM.)

But—and I just checked—113K of the tracks have never been played once, to the end at least.

I’m such a quintessential urban, upscale liberal music consumer—and a Goldfrapp fan.

I hope there’s no contraband on there! Have a good weekend, folks.

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