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New CD Sale Wednesday May 29

We’re confirmed! We will be going live with our next CD sale at tomorrow, Wednesday, May 29, 2024, at 10AM Pacific.

Two things I want to add...

I’ve started to receive wish lists and “do you think you might have...?” emails—and I’m sorry to disappoint, but I have to set a policy that we can’t handle these.

I was trying to accommodate folks, some of whom have been loyal readers and supporters for decades. And I really felt obliged to help.

But it’s just become way too confusing. Unfortunately, just having one or two “special requests” outside the website means a whole separate, manual ledger of keeping track of the items, the commissions, etc.—plus it puts me back in the world of, “Who asked for it first?” Because I always want to be fair.

So my policy is basically this: we have really low prices. And we can afford to have those low prices because everything is automated through the website.

So I just can’t handle any “have you seen a copy of...?” requests.

Thank you for understanding. And I’m a little anxious even saying this because the last thing I want to do is disappoint. I feel so lucky to have you as customers!

One other thing: with us, you never have to worry if an item shows up and it’s the wrong edition, or there’s a defect, or it’s missing, or you accidentally ordered something you already have. Just email me! We will always take care of you.

There’s always a line to be drawn—if your $1 CD has a crease in the booklet, I mean, it is what it is—but seriously, don’t ever worry if we will take care of you.

We will! I’ve been that way since 1990, and it’s just in my blood. You guys know me!

See you tomorrow!

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