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Outlander–Space Seed

This is sort of funny. My wife and I have been watching Outlander. We affectionately call it “Hunky and Chickie.”

Good show. There seems to be a lot of getting-captured-and-rescued. But we enjoy it, and we’ve even been able to turn off the subtitles (which helped with the Scottish accents).

We reached the season three premiere where the above exchange happens.

The sound is bad, but the dialogue is, “Go. Or stay. But please, do it because it’s what you really want to do.”

Of course, as a loyal Trekkie, I recognized it right away (0:40 of this clip):

Outlander showrunner (and writer of this episode) Ronald D. Moore was formerly of Star Trek, and a huge Star Trek fan before he became one of The Next Generation’s best writers.

You can take Ron Moore out of Star Trek, but you can’t take Star Trek out of Ron Moore!

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