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People Don’t Read Scripts

Above: a random page from Blade Runner 2049. You should read it!

I just posted this random rant to reddit/screenwriting and a Facebook group where I’m sure nobody will care...

There are only so many ways you learn how to write. Mostly you learn by writing. Feedback is essential.

You also learn by reading—both good scripts and bad can be very educational.

I’m sure lots of us have worked up the courage to share a logline or even a script online...only to hear crickets.

I know this is the typical result because I have shared a bunch of work, and occasionally people have even read and responded.

Mostly, though, the stuff just lays there.

I’ve usually written it off, “Well, that draft of mine wasn’t very good, so no wonder people didn’t want to read it.”

Recently, however, I shared a pilot that I wrote with a cowriter (an established showrunner)—and this really was a good script. It made us some money and went through studio development.

I mean, this is objectively a very good script to read. And yet, if anybody checked it out, they never let me know.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that people simply don’t read.

And, well...don’t be surprised if you never get any better.

I’ve probably read around 100 of my fellow “developmental” writers’ scripts, and it’s been essential to my progress.

I can’t say it’s always fun reading drafts that are, well, not very good, but it’s certainly taught me a lot of stuff NOT to do.

And the social connections I’ve made have been invaluable. Networking is the single best way to “break in” (but only if you have actionable material). A lot of writers I’ve read have gone on to be repped and produced—and good for them!

Also, the reciprocal reads have provided a ton of useful free feedback.

So...stop being lazy and READ!

Also, the latest Lukas and Charlie YouTube show is up, where we mostly talk about Frank Langella getting fired and all sorts of cultural stuff—why not?

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1 Comment

May 08, 2022

Keep up the good work Lukas. I enjoy the effort you put into your comments and observations

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