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Rare Composer Videos From ThemeWorks

I used to tape weird stuff off of TV. I have a couple of boxes of VHS tapes in a closet here, and several more in my mom’s basement.

There’s certainly an abundance of society-destroying sludge on the Internet, but there’s also a ton of cool stuff—the kinds of things I used to tape, and then some.

A YouTube channel called “ThemeWorks” has published a number of composer interviews and film music-related videos.

Although...why is this stuff all in black and white?

I found the 1992 James Horner masterclass at UCLA in color on another channel:

Enjoy the fruits of our cultural heritage before the EMPs from nuclear war wipe the servers clean!

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2 comentarios

If you like that channel, check-out "Nostalgiaclipse" on youtube, which has tons of old, obscure interviews, concert clips (and even *ads* featuring film composers). It also has that HBO interview with Goldsmith (but in color!)

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Lukas Kendall
Lukas Kendall
28 abr 2022
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Wow, thank you!

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