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When I created this blog, I used a bunch of Wix templates without giving it much thought. As a result, there’s a view counter on each post which I can’t help but watch. I love when it goes up, sometimes go out of my way to plug a column on Facebook or Twitter, and get a little disheartened when something is not popular.

And I can’t bring myself to take it off, even though it’s not healthy to watch. Apparently the entire Internet is constructed to hack our brains and make us addicted to those red notifications saying we got responses and likes.

When I was publishing Film Score Monthly, it didn’t take long to notice that the biggest films and composers resulted in the most popular issues.

It was even more noticeable when I was doing the CDs. Anything Williams, Goldsmith or Herrmann sold the best. Our single bestselling title ever was Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, because it was a huge franchise and composer (and a great score).

Predictably, the blog post that has gotten the most views (by a large margin) is the one I wrote about the aborted Jerry Goldsmith book.

In general—controversy sells. Sex sells. Popular things...are popular.

I guess I don’t have a larger point to make, except that it’s real, and when it affects you personally, it becomes a little frustrating and depressing.

We’re all beholden to market forces that are driven by people’s reptile brains.

We’re incentivized to do and sell things that are not necessarily good for people or for society at large.

It’s just how it is!

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