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RIP Norm MacDonald

I was sad to hear of Norm Macdonald’s death this week. Cancer is one of the few things I truly fear. 61 is way too young. We lost my stepdad, Herb Putnam, to pancreatic cancer in 2008. He was only 59.

Of course I was aware of and liked Norm Macdonald although I wasn’t terribly familiar with his performances. (His heyday at SNL coincided with the brief time in my life—college and right after—when I didn’t have a TV. Me me me everything has to be about ME!!!) He was way funnier and more interesting than I realized.

His above “welding joke” (NSFW!!!) left me in stitches. It takes a second to sink in, and then it’s just so bizarre to think of the sweet kid who doesn’t realize—anyway, watch it, but not around children please!

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