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There is so much handwringing nowadays about how movies are bombing, the business is contracting (true) and theatrical exhibition is dying (possible).

It’s really way simpler than anybody wants to admit. As human beings we need stories and will respond to characters, worlds and experiences that capture our imagination.

It’s not about it being dark or light, fun or depressing, accessible or weird. If it strikes a chord, we like it and think about it and want to see it again.

The main problem today is that marketing costs are so high that studios and producers are forced to rely upon existing I.P. for the brand awareness.

But the thing that gets people to pay attention—that they saw a movie of it once or used to play with the toys—isn’t the thing that will necessarily work as a story.

The next hits may be wildly different from each other, but they will connect to something essentially human within us...which has always been the case.

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