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TestamenTs (Printing Error)

There’s a lot of stress when you run a CD label. And the biggest nightmare (other than a project being canceled on you) is when you finally get the finished CDs in stock...and there’s a manufacturing defect. Aahhhhh!!!!!

Unfortunately, it happens more often than you think. From CD indexing errors to typos to sonic glitches to misaligned photos...well, I’m glad I no longer run a label.

All you can do is reprint or repress the defective item and eat the cost, and then go through the terrible hassle of replacing people’s “bad” items. (That’s why it’s essential to catch these before any are distributed.)

The folks at the FSM message board were discussing our CD of James Horner’s Testament—and that was one that bit us. See the 2011 pic of the spine, above.

I don’t even remember how this happened. But thank goodness this one was on the spine, which is much cheaper to reprint than the booklet.

This is beautiful, chamber-sized James Horner score, by the way—still in stock.

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Victor Field
Victor Field
Apr 22, 2022

I've got a copy of "The Replacements" with Varese Sarabande's logo reversed!


Neil Bulk
Neil Bulk
Apr 21, 2022

This happened after we looked at the PDF. Joe was making a final tweak and instead of hitting "Apple-S" to save the work he just hit "s". It happens. I remember putting the disc on my shelf and thinking something looks wrong. I'm slow sometimes. :)

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