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The Boys Season 3

I love this show!

I don’t have anything intelligent to add. I just finished season three and enjoyed every sick, demented minute of it.

Per an essay I saw online (which now I can’t find, of course), this show isn’t really about superheroes. It’s about fascism.

This is one of the smartest, most subversive shows I’ve ever seen. It’s in the pantheon.

The very top, of course: Idiocracy:

But The Boys is right up there. Years ago I tried to write a subversive take on superheroes but I didn’t have nearly the chops to pull it off.

Now, I don’t have to—this show nails it.

It’s more than a little disturbing that it seems like the show has had to scramble to keep up with how insane our real-life media and politics have become.

Not only that, this show is so good dramatically. The casting is impeccable. Antony Starr (Homelander) is so perfect, it’s unreal. Love everybody, and especially how insightful the writing and performances are to the human needs driving the characters. They show you the little children inside, and they’ll do anything to get it across:

The needle-drops, ersatz pop hits and scoring (by Chris Lennertz) are all first-rate.

Bravo to the Boys team—and looking forward to more!

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