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The Moon’s a Window to Heaven Electropop Cover Version

If there’s one thing I love, it’s putting maximum effort into something that’s culturally marginal—how’s that for damning with faint praise!

So many thanks to the band Ganymede (Patrick Runkle and David Friede) for sharing their brand new cover of “The Moon’s a Window to Heaven,” by Jerry Goldsmith and John Bettis, originally performed by Hiroshima for the Star Trek V: The Final Frontier soundtrack album (and used in the film for the ultra-cringe gag of Uhura doing a...well, it’s just too stupid to explain).

Here’s the link to a 60-second sample, full-length version at various platforms (see page).

Here’s an interview with Hiroshima’s Dan Kuramoto on creating the song and working with Goldsmith—and Star Trek V director William Shatner.

Hiroshima is a cool band, and still active:

Many thanks to Pat and David, and to their moms who may read this!

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1 Comment

Delmo Walters Jr.
Delmo Walters Jr.
Jun 07, 2023

As one of the few fans of Star Trek V, I enjoyed that scene and I liked the song, whether actually performed by Nichelle or not.

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