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The Star Trek Picket

Yesterday I picketed with writers and actors for “United We Trek,” a protest at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood on the 57th anniversary of Star Trek’s premiere.

It was a testament to how strongly people feel about the current labor strikes, and how essential and existential it is to get a fair deal from the studios. For me as a writer, I’m encouraged and hoping for the best.

For me as a fan...this was one of the most surreal experiences of my life.

Imagine walking back and forth, under the hot sun, cars honking their support, and passing the other way on your left...



Above is the photo op where you can see George Takei, Jeri Ryan, Wil Wheaton, Michelle Hurd, Todd Stashwick and some of the other cast and creators who came out.

There were an impressive number of actors, writers, and other creatives in attendance—and at least a few local fans who took the occasion to hobnob with their TV friends—so it was a very odd mix of a college reunion, convention, and, of course, labor protest.

Towards the end, I heard somebody ask Tim Russ for a selfie, and he looked exhausted but was like, “Yeah, sure.” Which was kind of the vibe. (I didn’t take any selfies.)

I got the chance to say hello to a few folks I knew or had crossed paths with—but generally didn’t want to introduce myself cold to the stars.

What can you say? “Hey, George, I met you for five seconds at a con in 1989—YOU WERE SO NICE!”

“Hey, Nicki de Boer, I used to see you at the Whole Foods in Glendale.” (Actually, I did say this, and she was friendly.)

There was an actress dressed as a Vulcan, and let me tell you, her ears were melting.

There is nothing like giant sweat stains to make our TV heroes seem just as human as the rest of us.

A memorable morning!

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