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Tuesday January 17 10AM!


The Lukas Kendall personal CD collection sell-off will begin at exactly 10AM Pacific Standard Time, Tuesday, January 17, 2023.

I have spent a lifetime acquiring soundtrack albums and have listed 1,661 items for sale.


This will be particularly useful for people needing CDs from these two areas:

1) Those high-end, out-of-print, big-title CDs that people sell on eBay now for hundreds of dollars. I am not giving these away, but I have consistently tried to price my copies at 20–30% below the going rate. So if you’ve been dying to fill out your collection, or chasing one or two of these favorite titles that you missed out on, be here at 10AM on Tuesday!

2) Rare, unusual and obscure items from the 1990s era of soundtrack collecting that I am offering CHEAP! As in, I have hundreds and hundreds of obscure titles for under $20, with many under $10. These are name composers, cool titles, great packaging. Lots of early Varèse Sarabande, Label X, SLC Japan, Pendulum, etc.

Here’s how this will work...

I will upload my blog column at 10AM on Tuesday which will contain a link to a read-only version of the Google Drive spreadsheet with the 1,661 items, and/or a downloadable excel file plus pdf, etc. (Believe me, I want to make the list easily accessible, and it will be.)

I am handling the CD sales personally via email, and accepting payment by PayPal or Venmo.

You’ll send me a list of what you want to buy—and I’ll sell them to the first person who asks and meets my price. (I will literally sort the incoming emails by the timestamp and sell to the first person who asks.)

So that’s it! I’m not doing auctions, I’m not haggling.

Almost everything in the collection (I’d say 98%) is available in ONE COPY. So if you want it, do not wait around!

Also, almost everything is unsealed and used, to the extent that I opened it up to play it at the time. When I saw obvious damage (notched/punched) while making the list, I noted it. There are a handful of sealed items, and those are all noted. I just want people to be aware of this.

There will be nominal and fair shipping costs to add. I’ll post the rates and do the calculations and confirm the final price with you via email.

I am closing a deal with a very respected and trustworthy L.A. mail order operation to do the actual shipping.

I am very interested in fairness and not doing any negotiating or “sneak previews” before Tuesday at 10AM.

I will write more over the weekend about what this process has been like, how the CD selling business has changed in the two decades since I was doing it personally, and more.

If you have procedural questions about the sale, please ask! I want to sort things out beforehand so it goes as smoothly as possible.


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