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Who Sampled?

I asked people to visit my IMDB page to goose my stupid “star” rating—and it worked! Thanks! I’m up to #82,623 or so this—fun!

Hey, it’s not like I’m making any money from this. So please do click through to my IMDB to swell my head even more.

Today I want to bring your attention to one of my favorite reference sites:

I love this site!

These folks compile all the samples used in hip-hop and dance tracks—all kinds of pop music. It’s fabulous.

Above is a rap song based on “Roxy Loses” from Jerry Goldsmith’s Basic Instinct.

Here is one based on a sample from Lalo Schifrin’s Dirty Harry:

This piece is based on Psycho II by Goldsmith:

You can kind of get lost in it for hours—the great film composers have dozens if not hundreds of tracks created from their work.

You know, because I know how much you guys are rap connoisseurs. (Squares beware: lots of bad language on these tracks.)

Here’s a song built on Morricone’s transcendent “Chi Mai”:

This piece is based on a snippet from Elmer Bernstein’s True Grit album:

This one seems to combine Herrmann’s Cape Fear with what sounds like an Elmer Bernstein score, maybe Heavy Metal?

Have fun!

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