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Belling the Slayer—the Capricorn One Ballet

If you’re like me, you love Jerry Goldsmith’s score to Capricorn One.

But did you love it enough to choreograph and produce a ballet based on it?

Somebody did! John McFall, to be exact, with choreography by Kirk Petersen. Or at least, that’s what I just looked up.

This ballet, Belling the Slayer, was premiered by the Columbus BalletMet in 1989.

And I have a tape of it! No, not the above link—that’s just an excerpt I found at YouTube.

My tape is complete. I just digitized it...and I’ve reached out to the BalletMet to ask if they’d mind if I shared it online.

UPDATE! Apparently my tape was not sent to me by the company, but by an FSM reader and fan. There were promotional tapes circulated at the time, and, you know how we fans are, we’ll get a hold of anything.

And, evidently, it has been on vimeo for some time. Enjoy!

In the meantime, if anybody knows more about the story of this, please share! Either here, or at the FSM board, or email me. Thanks!

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