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Brent Armstrong CD Collection Sale—The List

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

UPDATE September 26: I will be posting the daily list of what remains on my blog. Please check the most recent column. Thanks!

UPDATE #2! 11:46PM Tuesday. OK I’ve been at this for nearly 10 hours straight. I am processing everything manually. There are hundreds of emails I just haven’t gotten to yet bu I will get them tomorrow in the order received. THANK YOU!!!

UPDATE! 4:26PM Tuesday, I am answering every email and order in every soundtrack collector’s favorite: CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER! I am around two hours behind.

Thanks for your patience!

We are going live with CD sales from the collection of our late friend, renowned makeup, FX artist and sculptor Brent Armstrong, to benefit his widow and children.

The list of CDs for sale, downloadable excel file, sorted high–low by value. THIS IS A DOWNLOADABLE SPREADSHEET YOU CAN SEARCH AND SORT.

PDFs of the collection, sorted by title, composer, label, asking price, or type (A-Z, oversize, Japanese).


1) Send me an email with what you want:

2) I’ll confirm availability and total with postage. When you first email me, would you please include your address—or at least your country? This is so I can calculate postage.

3) You PayPal ( or Venmo (@Lukas-Kendall) me the money. (If you don’t have either of these, or they’re not legal in your country, contact me, we have some workarounds.) Venmo is preferred, as we don’t get dinged 3%.

4) We’ll send the items (using Creature Features’ facilities, but don’t contact them, contact me).

5) I will hold the items long enough for the above steps to be reasonably completed.


For U.S.A. customers ONLY—if you order $50 or more, SHIPPING IS FREE!

I regret I can’t extend this to anybody outside the U.S. Shipping rates today are insane.

USA, orders under $50: $6.00 for the first CD (album) and $2.00 for each additional.

CANADA: $10.00 for the first CD (album) and $2.50 for each additional.

ALL OTHER COUNTRIES: $13.00 for first CD (album) and $3.00 for each additional.

For bulky, oversize, non-standard items—and/or very large orders—we’ll work out a custom shipping price.

Please don’t ask us to fib on the customs forms! It’s illegal, and it stands a good chance of causing your order to be delayed or confiscated. So we won’t do it!


Brent, like a lot of collectors, had a bunch of bootleg (pirate) CDs. We can’t sell these, but we’re giving them away—although they count as “real” CDs for shipping costs.

For every $20 you spend on real CDs, you can pick one bootleg. We’ll limit you to 10 bootlegs per order ($200). We may adjust this policy as warranted.

UPDATE: The boots are all gone! Promotion over. Thanks!

I did add the bootlegs to the database, realizing I needed a way to keep track of which ones were claimed. But you can also go here for a photo album of them.


Brent’s collection was particularly strong for Japanese imports. They are listed in the database, but if you prefer, see pictures of the spines here.


Brent had a lot of high-end collectables, but also thousands of titles that are not particularly valuable—but that doesn’t mean they aren’t great!

Please consider expanding your Golden Age and Italian collections, in particular. There are hundreds of quality titles being offered for under $10 each—many for $5 or less.

They really need a good home, and it’s for a good cause.

When you review the list—each item is one-of-a-kind. When there are multiple items, they are listed on separate rows. Sealed/used is noted, as to condition.

Any questions or comments: Thank you!

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