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Shipping Day!

UPDATE: The John Williams Disaster Collection sold. That was fast!

Monday was our big sales day for the new batch of CDs that went live. Yesterday was the “pulls” day, to pull the discs for the orders. And today is the first of probably two mailing days—yay!

We’re getting better and faster at this, and thank you all for your support and orders!

There’s still a ton of great stuff here which goes for insane prices on eBay, but quite a bit less with us. We have a pristine copy of the FSM Rózsa box, our MGM “black box,” the Varèse Spartacus box, a copy of the Deluxe Edition John Williams Dracula, the La-La Land John Williams “Disaster” collection, and many more.

Oh, and if you already ordered and wanted to add more, we can combine them to save you on shipping. At a certain point the stuff is out the door and we can’t, but it’s always at our discretion to give you a price break anyway on the postage—so don’t let that stop you!


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