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Brent Armstrong CD Sale Remaining Titles October 2nd

Wow! What a two weeks it’s been. We are packing away thousands of CDs that were ordered from Brent Armstrong’s collection.

I’m starting to get emails, “Where is my tracking order, please?” (The emails are usually polite, thanks!) We are sending tracking orders as soon as we have them—but we have nearly 400 orders, and we can only do 30–50 a day. Right now we’re in the 120 range.

Until we create the package and the mailing label, we don’t have a tracking number to send we can’t! Thanks for understanding.

And we have more to sell! We started with 4,500 CDs—it’s down to around 730. But everything must go!

One upside of the delay in shipping the CDs is that we have time to add to your order. If you haven’t heard from me yet that your order is coming up, then feel free to add. It’s really not that hard, administratively, to do that before the order is packed.

Thank you, everybody!

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