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CD Sale and Updated List Day 7

Our CD sale from the late Brent Armstrong’s collection continues, and this is as good a time as any to announce that there will be an end date to this sale—and EVERYTHING MUST GO!

Today we start the mailing process. We have close to 350 orders, and we hope we can do 30–50 a day. Yes, we will package securely, and yes, we will mail tracking numbers!

I am notifying people when their group is coming up for shipping. Lots of people are asking to make second, third or even fourth orders and combine them into one. That’s actually fairly easy...until we print out the shipping manifest. At that point, it becomes a huge pain. So I’ll let you know when that comes up for you.

As to the end date—I’m not sure, but we only have a few weeks until we have to vacate the warehouse. So stay tuned.

And thanks, everybody! The Armstrong family is very grateful for the orders and the nice words that have been conveyed.

And I am particularly grateful for how nice and understanding people have been as I’ve been processing everything manually.

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