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CD Sale Day 3—PayPal Works

It is day three of our Tim Knapp estate CD sale and the new e-commerce site ( is up and running.

IMPORTANT! WHEN YOU USE OUR SITE, please create an account! This will let you keep items in your shopping cart while you shop. Otherwise they could vanish!

PayPal is restored and working, and we also have Stripe to accept credit cards.

I owe some collectors an apology. When PayPal went down, we tried to adjust the time limit on the shopping carts. But it was not done uniformly and I know some collectors lost items in their carts to other buyers.

Folks, this was like my worst nightmare—that we would launch this e-commerce site, and there would be bugs that frustrate and disappoint people, but because I was not the actual coder, I would not be able to fix everything.

It happened, and I am so sorry. Ack!

That said, the site is working, and this is so much better than the old way where I was buried in 500 emails and had to process everything manually!

We have plans to send out email blasts to tens of thousands of collectors via some of our friends at the specialty labels. However, we’ll wait until next week to do that, to give “regulars” a chance to shop from now through the weekend, and work out any other bugs.

Any questions or bug reports—or just anything inconvenient you’d like improved—please write me at

We have several thousand awesome titles to sell at bargain prices, so I hope you pick something up!

By the way, it’s our policy, if possible, to combine orders into one for people who have made more than one purchase—and we won’t be shipping anything until early next week, so there’s time to do that. But if you do want your orders shipped separately, just email me, and we will do that.

Thanks everybody!

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2 Kommentare

Hi Lukas - greetings from Canada. Is it possible to add an additional item to a post-transacted order and still pay the $2.50 for an additional item? Or am I stuck paying another $10 shipping for a new order?

Gefällt mir
Lukas Kendall
Lukas Kendall
02. März
Antwort an

Good question! Still working this out technically. Please go ahead and place a new order with the full shipping, and email me and I will manually refund the appropriate amount as we combine the orders to ship together. Thanks!

Gefällt mir
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