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CD Sale Day 5 and Updated List

The sale is going so well, thank you everybody! More than half of it has sold.

Keep in mind, this changes almost on a minute-to-minute basis.

The biggest problem, administratively, is when people request titles, I hold them, and then they either don’t respond, or renege—so I try my best to find the next person who asked, but I’ve just been able to keep it straight in all cases.

So truly, if you asked for something, and I said it was gone, and now you see it on this list...that’s what happened, and I apologize for not doing a better job.

I am not kidding when I said I spent 72 hours straight just answering emails, with the exception of eating, sleeping, bathroom breaks, and occasional family commitments. Where were those kids again? Oh, outside their school waiting: “Our daddy loves us!”

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