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CD Sale Day 5—Remaining Titles

UPDATE: A question I’m getting a lot: what if you want to add to your order? For non-U.S. customers, this means having to pay the surcharge of shipping on the first item. The easiest solution is to go ahead and place a new order, even with the extra shipping cost. Then, please email me ( asking me to combine the orders, and we will do that, and manually refund the extra shipping amount. We won’t start taking things to the post office until Tuesday at the earliest, so you have time to do this. And even if we accidentally mail your first order too fast, it’s at my discretion to give you the refund anyway. Long story short: we want you to order more stuff! Thanks!!!


We’ve had a great first week of the Tim Knapp estate CD sale. Probably a third of our inventory has already sold!

The new site is working smoothly now and we’re working out our kinks on the back end so we can ship your orders and automate the emails with tracking numbers and updates.

I personally like ease of a spreadsheet in scrolling through inventory—so here’s an updated output of what’s left as of this morning, sorted by label as there’s unfortunately no good way to do that on the actual site. (It has to do with how we put the label name and number in the same field; hopefully we’ll pay for some updates to fix this later.)

If you want to sort by composer, or title, or price, go up to the section heading (the A, B, C, etc.) and you’ll see a little triangle appears on the right-hand side. Click the drop down menu that appears and select “Sort Sheet A to Z”—and voila!

You can use the spreadsheet to figure out what you want, and then go into the actual site and use the search engine to find and buy it—though keep in mind, titles that have sold since I created today’s spreadsheet will be unavailable. In some cases, they are merely in another customer’s cart and, if un-purchased, will return to the inventory later—but I actually don’t have the ability to view it’s a bit of a mystery to me how often that happens.

Thanks for bearing with us and your trust to buy CDs from us!

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