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CD Sale Day 8 and Updated List

One week ago I was bracing myself for the “coming storm”—and boy did it hit: hundreds of CD orders.

My eternal thanks to La-La Land Records for using their email blast to promote the Brent Armstrong CD estate sale. They have a very powerful list!

Go here for this morning’s updated list of remaining titles. We started with 4,500; now it’s down to 1,250.

There are still some gems in here! You may have seen that David McCallum passed away; we still have the FSM Man From U.N.C.L.E. volume one and two. I loved those projects!

Also, I’m surprised to see the five volumes of SLC Japan releases of The Twilight Zone (original series) still available. They’re $45 each, or take all five for $200 (mention this column, first-come, first-served). Those are magnificent!

And, in general, there are a ton of great finds at discount prices. Want to sample new composers or areas of film music? Golden Age or Italian? Take a look!

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